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CONNSTEP Made in CT Program

PeterPaul is now a part of the CONNTEP Made in CT Program! July 25, 2013 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Shelly Mangiafico Cyr 860-229-4884 NEW BRITAIN, CONNECTICUT July 25, 2013 –Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc. recently participated in the CONNSTEP Made In CT Program. This is an online directory where various manufacturers are featured to […]

2012 Beehive Business and Industry Award

NEW BRITAIN, CT November 15th, 2012 – Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc. (PPE) was presented with the 2012 Beehive Business and Industry Award by The New Britain Chamber of Commerce: New Britain and Berlin. “From Humble beginnings on Whiting Street to their 77,000 square foot facility on John Downey Drive, PeterPaul continues to move forward […]

A Hybrid Quality System Approach Leads to ISO Certification

Peter Paul Electronics proud to announce ISO 9001 certification. Peter Paul started formally implementing ISO 9000 in Y2005. Over a 5-1/2 year span, the companies operating processes were documented, and modified where necessary, to not only comply with ISO 9000 requirements, but to establish a robust Quality Management System (QMS). Importance was placed on efficiency […]

Solenoid Valves Control Alternative Energy’s Future

Air, Water or any Media? Going Green is possible with Peter Paul. Peter Paul Electronics Co. Inc. designs, supplies and manufactures both components and entire managing systems to reliably control Alternative Energy solutions through any media type such as gas or liquid. The control system that manages the media can be thought of as the […]

Why choose a Plastic Valve vs. Metal Valve?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 12th, 2010 Why choose a Plastic Valve vs. Metal Valve? NEW BRITAIN, CT, February 12, 2010 – Peter Paul Electronics, Co., Inc, explains why in rugged, dirty, corrosive application one is better served by a plastic valve with an encapsulated coil over a metal valve. The points of differentiation follow: The […]

2-Way Way Normally Open High Pressure, High Flow Valve

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 19th, 2010 2-Way Way Normally Open High Pressure, High Flow Valve NEW BRITAIN, CT, February 19th, 2010 – Peter Paul Electronics Co. Inc. (PPE) develop a patented 2-way normally open high pressure (2WNOHP). The valve uses a superior sealing pin technology and a bubble-tight seal with even minor debris present, it […]

Comparing Gear Drive, Electric, and Pneumatic Functions on Commercial / Military Laundry Washer-Extractors

The EDRO Corporation, founded in 1946 in Connecticut, introduced a new machine design for the commercial laundry market in 1954. Their combination washer-extractor eliminated the time-consuming step of transferring the water-laden laundry from washer to a separate extractor, while the patented 3D Dyna WashTM cylinder provided a space-saving triangular floor design for superior wash action […]

Solenoid Valves Key To Heat/Cold Therapy System

A new hyperthermial/hypothermia system, the Medi-Therm II from Gaymar Industries in western New York, now incorporates our specialized solenoid valves to maintain precise fluid flow and temperature control. The Gaymar Medi-Therm II hyperthermia/hypothermia therapy console incorporates two Peter Paul Series 20 solenoid valves (inset) with diode-rectified coils and plunger-to-end stop bumpers for smooth, noise-free, low […]

Solenoid Valves for Portable Refrigerant Recovery – Recycling Systems

These are some typical 2-Way and 3-Way Normally Open and Closed low-power solenoid valves that are intended for portable refrigerant recover-recycling systems. Their inlet pressure ratings range up to 500 psi. They come equipped with 1/8″ and 1/4″ NPT pipe sorts, 3/8″ copper sweat tubing, or with provisions for manifold mounting. Spade terminals, lead wires, […]

Peter Paul Time Delay Coils Check Process Before Media Flow

Time delay coils with built-in thermistors have been developed for the Series 30 solenoid valves produced by Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc., New Britain, Connecticut. This time delay coil with built-in thermistor (cutaway) is at the heart of the Peter Paul Series 30 solenoid vlaves employed on many oil burners produced by Carlin Combustion Technology […]

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