Peter Paul Excellence

Refrigerant Valves And Manifolds

These are some typical 2-way and 3-way normally open and closed low power solenoid valves that are intended for portable refrigerant recovery-recycling systems. Their inlet pressure ratings range up to 500 psi. They come equipped with 1/8″ and 1/4″ NPT pipe ports, 3/8″ copper sweat tubing, or with provisions for manifold mounting. Spade terminals, lead […]

Stacking Valve Tie Rod Bodies Allow the Creation of Modular Manifold Valves

Standard, conventional, one-piece machined stainless steel, brass, or aluminum solenoid valve manifolds allow the economical, low profile grouping of valves in compact arrays. Like any other purpose-designed, machined component, these manifold valves are perfect for fixed, continuous operations such as beverage dispensing. They are, necessarily, configurationally inflexible. Manifold Valves: Standard, conventional, one-piece machined stainless steel, […]

Broad Range of Solenoid Valve Manifolds from Peter Paul

A broad range of standard and custom solenoid valve manifolds in brass, aluminum, and stainless steel has been announced by Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc., New Britain, Connecticut. Available for all Peter Paul Series 20, 30, 50, and 70 OEM solenoid valves, manifolds represent an economical, reliable method for grouping solenoid valves in low profile, […]

Screw-In Series 20 Solenoid valve Bodies Now Offered With Larger Ports

New, brass, screw-in, Series 20 solenoid valve bodies offering simplified assembly, disassembly, and field replacement are now produced with enlarged ports for higher flow applications. Our large port, screw-in, Series 20 valve bodies for simplified manifold mounting are now offered in brass for compatibility with a broad range of liquid and gaseous process media and […]

Easily Mounted Screw-In Solenoid Valve Bodies Now Offered

We now produce new, brass, screw-in solenoid valve bodies offering simplified assembly, disassembly, and field replacement. Our new brass, screw-in solenoid valve bodies with 1/8 Our new screw-in valve bodies speed and simplify valve-to-manifold attachments. To help eliminate leakage and provide the required high burst pressure ratings, brass valve bodies are offered with 1/8” NPT […]