Solenoid Valves for the Medical Industry

Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc. manufactures an extensive line of solenoid operators and valves for original equipment manufacturers who serve the medical industry. Some of the Peter Paul valves adapted by these manufacturers appear above, with a brief description below of their applications. Peter Paul also manufactures a complete line of standard and explosion-proof solenoid valves and components. These products can be specially constructed to fit new, changing or unique applications:

A) Series 15 Diode Coil Valve
Advanced electronic design technology has led to production of these AC input, DC operation valves. With their quiet, “no click” performance, and cooler running temperatures, they are used extensively where noise and heat are undesirable. Available in all Series Valves.

B1, B2) Series 40 Plastic Valves
This revolutionary design uses an all-plastic bobbin core as the sleeve, simplifying its manufacture and providing a low cost, high quality part. The finished assembly is over molded with Dupont® Rynite®. Applications include laboratory equipment and media analysis devices. B2 is shown with 1/4” compression fitting with a forged brass body.

C) Series 20, 30 or 80 Magnet Latching
Valve Low-power design for medical environments where power is limited or continuous power application causes unwanted coil heat. External latching component for adaptation to any Series 20, 30 or 80 valve. Single encapsulated coil/magnet assembly, brass body, and an integral Form “A“ DIN connection. Standard in 6, 12, 24, and 28 volts DC. Additional voltages available.

D) Series 50 Encapsulated Valve
Designed for applications where the valve can be completely submerged. Water-resistant for immersible or wetted equipment and submerged operations. 2 and 3-way valves available with 1 or 2 lead wires.

E) Series 15/50 Stacking Valves
Applications include laboratory analysis equipment. Design of stacking valve bodies for Series 15/50 valves calls for a passivated stainless steel or aluminum body. Common in, common out, 2-way and 3-way versions available.

F) Series 50 Media Isolation Valve
Combines molded coil and body for versatility, easy mounting and high media isolation rating. Efficient magnetics provide greater plunger pull force at equivalent power ratings, and allow the valve to tolerate higher input and back pressures. Used in instrumentation, analysis and other applications.

G) Series 50 Seals (Kalrez™)
Kalrez® Perflouroelastomer seals are impervious to more than 1600 chemicals and solvents,
inert to most chemically induced swelling, long lasting, and work in temperatures from -20°F to 600°F. Especially useful in chemical resistant applications in which no other seal material is as durable.

H1, H2) Series 50 Welded Tubes & Fittings
Designed to meet stringent purity requirements in analysis equipment and other applications requiring all welded components. Available with various options including 3-way operation and diode rectifier coils for quiet operation. Continuous operation at maximum rated pressure. H1 is shown on 1/8” & 1/4” welded stainless steel tubes. H2 is shown as 3-way with welded stainless steel fittings.

J1, J2) Series 58 Stainless Steel Body
Valves Supplemental to the existing line of plastic valves, these stainless steel valves are used in portable devices, analyzers, test equipment and similar applications. For instrument, lab, low flow, and low current applications. Tolerant to most media. J2 in lower wattage or higher pressure.

K) Series 70 Vacuum Valves
Uses include vacuum chambers for sterilization. Feature high flows, bubble tight standard vacuum fittings, and standard flanges for international use, and where purity requirements allow no trapped particles on the inner diameter. For more information on how our solenoid operators and valves may be customized, contact design and sales consultants below.