2-Way Way Normally Open High Pressure, High Flow Valve

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 19th, 2010

2-Way Way Normally Open High Pressure, High Flow Valve

NEW BRITAIN, CT, February 19th, 2010 – Peter Paul Electronics Co. Inc. (PPE) develop a patented 2-way normally open high pressure (2WNOHP). The valve uses a superior sealing pin technology and a bubble-tight seal with even minor debris present, it features:

  • Both high pressure (3000 psi) and high flow (Cv=1.0) in a single, compact package. Normally this situation would require two separate valves, a small pilot valve to control a much larger, higher flow main valve. Here we have a valve design that incorporates both requirements in a single integrated package.
  • PPE's patented high pressure guided sealing pin technology. The guided sealing pin technology is superior to all the other forms used in the high pressure valve industry. It is a key ingredient to reliable valve function and durability.
  • The push style solenoid allows PPE to put all fluid connections in the body. The typical pull style solenoid requires one fluid connection to be on top of the valve. It makes servicing difficult and limits the use of the valve in manifolds as it requires a bulky external piped connection.
  • All the fluid connections are in the body which allows the valve to be available in operator form. If used in a manifold, the valve body is not used and the cavity is machined directly into the manifold block. This greatly simplifies the manifold design and machining. Many industry 2WNO valves cannot be easily manifolded.
  • A completely sealed pressure containing structure; no sliding seals or packings to degrade and leak externally. The valve is built with a welded structure that seals the fluid inside. The internal parts are shifted by either the magnetic field of the solenoid or by a pressure differential.
  • Valve uses a rugged piston rather than a fragile diaphragm to open & close the main orifice. Many high flow valves use an elastomeric diaphragm to develop the force they need to open & close a large orifice. The diaphragm can tear or otherwise be damaged making the valve inoperable. A diaphragm also makes a valve quite large, as a flat diaphragm can only move a small amount before it starts to stretch. Large movements mean large diameter diaphragms which mean large valve size.
  • Fully re-buildable for ease of maintenance. Some industry valves cannot be easily dismantled and serviced. This was critical to the Stirling Energy application as they wanted to be able to service their units on a preventative maintenance schedule for up to 25 years.
  • Valve is based on the PPE Series 20 solenoid, it is available with many of the same coil/housing/voltage options. Coils are easily changed to different voltages and without the upper fluid connection being in the way, swapping out a coil very simple.
  • Valve is typically used to vent or purge a high pressure system upon power down or for emergency situations. This type of valve sees use on high pressure compressor, allowing them to start more easily. It also can be used to vent a pressurized system in an emergency or upon a power-down situation.

The 2WNOHP valve is being used in an application for a Gas Management System for Stirling Energy. The valve in the Stirling engine couples both sides of a double acting piston to cancel any force by the piston to stall the engine in the event of a failure and prevents over-speed damage in the event of a loss of load on the engine. For more information about the Stirling Energy application, check out www.stirlingenergy.com/pdf/2009_8_19.pdf.

Peter Paul Electronics, founded in 1947, is a premier manufacturer of solenoid valves including general purpose use, high flow, explosion proof, high pressure, cryogenic, diverter, manifold, plastic, safety, stainless steel and mini valves. Peter Paul (PPE) offers many of thousands of possibilities from solenoid valves that operate with power as low as 1/2 watt to pressure as high as 3000 psi. PPE has two facilities, one in New Britain, CT consisting of a 77,000 square foot plant in New Britain, Connecticut, and a 23,500 square foot facility in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. High quality design, innovative research and development set Peter Paul apart from other manufactures. Continuous improvement is in the fabric of the company on all levels with people having years of experience, dedication and pride.