Pneumatics and hydraulics describe the use of liquids, oils or gases to control the motion and or operation of a system. Water, oil and air or any other type of liquid or gas can be used to derive power from the motion and pressure of these materials.


The oil and gas industry relies on valves in almost ever step of the process required to bring these materials to the end user, pumping, storage, transfer and refining processes all require precise handling and control as well as safety.


Peter Paul supplies a wide range of products for the chemical and petroleum processing industry including: Chemical plant pumping and storage systems, petroleum refineries, off-shore oil platforms, distillation plants, sewage treatment facilities and grain elevators. Peter Paul is the recognized leader in Explosion Proof Valve technology. Many applications within the chemical and petroleum processing industries require explosion proof valves and Peter Paul has a wide range of products and the requisite knowledge to help you select the right valve for your application.


Already a very common fixture at well heads, storage tanks and transfer points for natural gas, burner management systems allow natural gas producers to control fugitive gases by burning them off prior to release into the atmosphere. Our valves also play many rolls in the control and storage of gas and oil from well heads, pump systems, storage tanks and the heating units used to control the viscosity of stored crude oil. Whether developing a new system or replacing a valve for an installed system, Peter Paul has the products, the knowledge and the service capabilities to get you the right answers and the right part for all of your solenoid valve requirements.