Peter Paul valves control fluids and gases that perform important functions in the equipment's operation. Peter Paul valves are in commercial laundry equipment, car wash and irrigation systems, bottle and dish washing equipment, as well as photographic processing and office copiers, printers and machinery.  Peter Paul is an expert at controlling water and gas with their high quality solenoid valve.  No market application is too tough.


Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning systems use Peter Paul valves to control the flow of air and refrigerant throughout the often complex systems used in industrial and commercial buildings. Peter Paul valves are used in humidifier reservoirs to maintain proper climate control as well as systems that reclaim refrigerant from window and roof top air-conditioning systems.


Peter Paul valves are used in the processing, filtering and refilling of many replaceable and disposable products used in automotive applications. Refrigerant, oil, fuel and transmission fluid recovery and refilling systems use our valve technology to control the flow of these products into and out of automotive and trucking tanks and reservoirs.


Our solenoid valves can be found in shop floor applications from product and process test equipment, machine tool equipment, industrial compressors, welding and flame cutting machinery, to a variety of air & hydraulic cylinder applications — in virtually any industrial application that uses air or hydraulic fluids to perform work.


The production of and storage of cryogenic materials at very low temperatures (below -150 °C, -238 °F or 123 K) and the behavior of materials at those temperatures is an area of expertise for Peter Paul and the valves produced. The demands of these applications require enhanced characteristics of the solenoid valve seal with regards to quality and reliability, particularly in those applications which require a bubble tight seal.