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PeterPaul general purpose solenoid valves offer a wide range of control options over the flow of liquids and gases in applications from dispensing to instrumentation, commercial equipment, machinery, medical/dental equipment, control systems and off-highway equipment, to name just a few.
PeterPaul hazardous location valves are used where fire or explosion hazards exist due to the presence of flammable gases or vapors, flammable liquids, combustible dust, or easily ignitable fibers.
PeterPaul low watt valves are general purpose or safety valves for pneumatic and hydraulic applications. The versatility of these valves is increased to include the handling of hot air, hot water, refrigerants and many other media, by the use of different seals.
PeterPaul high pressure valves operate with a pressure between 1000 and 3000 PSI. Medical, Laboratory, Instrumentation and Industrial companies, etc. that require high pressure bottled gas with media such as 02, C02 and compressed Nitrogen use our valve in various applications.
Through the use of a permanent magnet, the latching valves are bi-stable in either shifted state. This allows the valve to stay in either state indefinitely without drawing power.

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  1. Series 20 Model H22

  2. Series 70 Model 72T

  3. Series 70 Model 72B

  4. Series E50 Model E52

  5. Series EL 50 Model EL52

  6. Series ELL50 Model ELL52

  7. Series 50 EW Model EW52

  8. Series 50 ELW Model ELW52

  9. Series 50 ELLW Model ELLW52

  10. Series 20 Model E22

  11. Series 20 Model E22 C/I Rated

  12. Series 80 Model E827

  13. Series 80 Model E828

  14. Series 80 Model E828 C/I Rated

  15. Series 58 Model 582

  16. Series L58 Model L582

  17. Series 50 LW Model LW52

  18. Series 50 LLW Model LLW52

  19. Series 50 SLW Model SLW52

  20. Series 50 SLLW Model SLLW52