Dependability and precision are the hallmark of any product required in the medical industry. A new, high-pressure ventilator was developed by NASA engineers and tailored to treat coronavirus (COVID-19) patients. PeterPaul provided the new Series 70 Ventilator Valves to operate in this mission critical device. The valve features very quiet switching operation and controls the flow of air (up to 100% oxygen) to the patient’s lungs.

Why our valves? Because they work... period.

Series 70 >> Ventilator Valve

3-Way Dual-Inlet, Single Outlet

Direct acting valve switches inlet breath pressure to outlet breath pressure. Can run air to 100% oxygen. Very high CV flow coefficient. Very quiet operation.


Media: Air up to 100% oxygen

Valve Temperature Range: 0°F (-18°C) to 104°F (40°C) ambient

Maximum Operating Pressure Differentials: 2 psi

Leakage: Bubble tight


Coil Voltage: 24/DC

Nominal Power: 12.5 Watts

Coil Construction: Molded, Class F

Duty Cycle: Continuous


Body: Brass

Internal Components: Stainless Steel

Elastomers: Nitrile (Buna)

Flow Data: CV N.C. to Com: 2.2 (3/8” orifice), CV N.O. to Com: 1.4 (5/16” orifice)

Porting: Common Port, N.C. Port: 3/8” NPT, N.O. Port 1/4” NPT

Housing: Grommet with mounting bracket

Life Expectancy: Over 10 Million cycles

Valve Weight: 2.1325 lbs


Part Number: 76X00950GM 24/DC

Availability: Contact factory for more information and to place an order.

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