Lean Manufacturing Improves Customer Relationships

Peter Paul Electronics Inc., with assistance from the Aerospace and Defense Initiative, has conducted six separate events to implement lean manufacturing practices at the company. As a result, Peter Paul has experienced substantial reduction in lead time, cycle time and setup time, with a commensurately large increase in customer satisfaction. A culture of lean transformation is taking hold and the people at Peter Paul are empowered and motivated to make the company better every day.

Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc., a New Britain, Connecticut manufacturer of solenoid valves with a reputation for excellence, has supplied the aerospace and defense industry for decades. On year two of a lean transformation assisted by the Central Connecticut State University’s Institute for Technology & Business Development (CCSU/ITBD) and the Aerospace and Defense Initiative (ADI). Peter Paul is fully committed to continuous improvement throughout the enterprise.

Peter Paul has conducted kaizen improvement events throughout its manufacturing, front office and supplier operations. Thus far six lean projects, conducted with ADI funding assistance, have improved lead times by 38%, reduced setup times by 39% and cut rejects by 40%. The lean process has even extended to ongoing, statistical analysis of vendor relationships: we have enacted similar, stringent, statistical controls for our vendors to ensure timely delivery of critical materials and components. A computer program with web access for Peter Paul vendors permits them to monitor their own performance.

The physical portion of Peter Paul's operation consists of a 77,000 square foot plant in New Britain, Connecticut and a 23,500 square foot facility in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. These buildings are home to outstanding research/development, design, and manufacturing that bring new and exciting products to the world's marketplace.

Michael Mangiafico II
Operations Manager
Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc.
480 John Downey Drive
New Britain, CT 06050
(860) 229-4884

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