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Kanban Calculator

A Kanban System requires a level and well-understood demand, as well as careful analysis of the capabilities of the manufacturing process. A well-researched and well-implemented Kanban System is capable of delivering cost savings by reducing inventory, warehousing and deferring manufacturing expenses until production is required for both the manufacturer and the customer. The Kanban Calculator below will help you see the cost savings a to calculate the pull system requirements for your order. Our sales department is ready to answer questions and to solve your valve needs. Please feel free to call, chat or email us.
    Estimated Annual Usage Estimated Daily Usage Kanban Bin Size at Customer - PO Release Qty # of Kanban Bins at Customer  
    Customer Demand Fluctuation Factor Estimated Customer Release Frequency (Days)      
    Unit Price Kanban Bin Size at PPE (Finished Goods) # of Bins at PPE (Finished Goods) Qty Finished Goods Liability (Customer) WIP Qty Liability (Customer) Total Material Liability (Units) Total $ Liability  
    PPE Lead Time (Days) Type 2 if 2 bin, Leave blank if multi-bin Bin Size for Multi-Bin # of Bins for Multi-bin system Customer Lead Time if 2 Bin  
    blue = input
    light grey = optional input