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The Product Development Process

1. Opportunity Assessment

What is the application? Volume, target pricing and manufacturing capabilities are evaluated.

2. Specification Form

Get it in writing. Both general and custom specifications and a needs assessment is analyzed and/or processed with the customer and internal resources at PeterPaul.

3. Tollgate System

Evaluate the journey and PLAN. Is this a minor or major project or design modification? This question is processed in a tollgate system and appropriately flows through the engineering and new product development process

4. CAD and 3D Modeling

Engineering resources in action or DO. We begin to the process of design engineering your valve. You can see it visually and adjust if need be.

5. Prototyping

Touch and test the valve or ADJUST. Tooling needs are assessed for standard line valves or customer proprietary valves at this stage as well as testing.

6. Production

Let's roll! Transition from prototyping to production valves and product roll-out dates are implemented. Ensure the Kanban contracts are in place if applicable.