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3-Way Multi-Purpose Solenoid Valves
PeterPaul dual orifice valves in which the body orifice is closed and sleeve orifice open in the de-energized position. No flow can exist between the common and normally closed ports but flow does exist between common and normally open ports.

PeterPaul general purpose solenoid valves offer a wide range of control options over the flow of liquids and gases in applications from dispensing to instrumentation, commercial equipment, machinery, medical/dental equipment, control systems and off-highway equipment, to name just a few.

General Purpose 3-Way Multi-Purpose Valves

Series/ModelStd. Port SizePressure (PSI)Flow (CV)Size (h x w)"
15/1561/8" NPT0 - 125.022 - .1302.95 x 1.13
20/261/8" or 1/4" NPT0 - 400.024 - .2843.48 x 1.63
30/361/8" NPT0 - 300.024 - .1603.28 x 1.63
50/561/8" NPT0 - 125.022 - .1562.95 x 1.0
58/58610-320 - 145.010 - .0342.26 x 1.06
70/761/4" NPT0 - 225.09 - .503.75 x 2.25
76X00950GM 24/DC3/8" NPT22.23.98 x 2.25

PeterPaul hazardous location valves are used where fire or explosion hazards exist due to the presence of flammable gases or vapors, flammable liquids, combustible dust, or easily ignitable fibers. Explosion Proof valves are recommended, or in some cases compulsory, where a high level of protection from explosion is required. For applications that require low power, a low watt version is also offered.

Hazardous Location 3-Way Multi-Purpose Valves

Series/ModelStd. Port SizePressure (PSI)Flow (CV)Size (h x w)"Watts
20/E261/8" or 1/4" NPT0 - 400.024 - .2844.0 x 2.63
20/EL261/8" or 1/4" NPT0 - 256.024 - .1563.98 x 2.591.8
E50/E561/8" NPT0 - 125.022 - .1563.27 x 2.25

PeterPaul low watt valves are general purpose or safety valves for pneumatic and hydraulic applications. The versatility of these valves is increased to include the handling of hot air, hot water, refrigerants and many other media, by the use of different seals.

Low Watt 3-Way Multi-Purpose Valves

Series/ModelStd. Port SizePressure (PSI)Flow (CV)Size (h x w)"Watts
58/586Manifold Mt. or 10-320 - 300.010 - .0342.26 x 1.063.5