In response to market demands, Peter Paul Electronics has designed and engineered many styles of manifolds using a variety of materials including but not limited to Stainless Steel (various grades), Aluminum, Brass and Plastics. With the recent purchase of some of the latest CNC equipment, Peter Paul maintains the ability to manufacture manifolds at competitive rates whilst controlling the quality required to seal with our operators. Some of these manifolds are manufactured as a standard item but Peter Paul also designs and manufactures extremely custom manifolds for specialty applications. Please contact your local Regional Sales Manager or call Peter Paul at 860-229-4884 for assistance with any of your manifold requirements.

Broad Range of Solenoid Valve Manifolds

Standard, conventional, one-piece machined stainless steel, aluminum, or optional brass solenoid valve manifolds allow the economical, low profile grouping of valves in compact arrays. Like any other purpose-designed, machined component, these manifolds are perfect for fixed, continuous operations such as beverage dispensing. They are configurationally inflexible. In an effort to solve these problems while retaining the simplicity and convenience of standard solenoid valve manifolds, we developed a line of modular, stainless steel and anodized aluminum stacking valve bodies linked together with common tie rods. For horizontal or vertical mounting, these stacking bodies simplify in-the- field solenoid valve addition or replacement and accommodate models from Peter Paul standard Series 50 and 15 valve series. These manifold building blocks simplify both OEM and user inventories; custom manifolds can be constructed using a variety of solenoid valve types in linear arrays. Each modular valve body is precision machined, drilled, and tapped just as complete manifolds are: The basic difference is that they are linked together by common threaded tie rods, with modules sealed from each other with O-rings, and sandwiched, as a group, together with precision machined end caps. The result is a unique and proprietary method for creating and altering groupings of solenoid valves while maintaining the significantly reduced potential for leakage and thread damage for which one-piece manifolds were originally designed.

Stacking Valve Bodies

The Peter Paul manifold configuration involving stacking valve bodies held together with threaded tie rods is designed for multiple solenoid valve operation and greater flow capacity. Utilizing a standard mounting “footprint” for either common cavity or common orifice, these modular manifolds allow the use of either type within the same manifold. Most importantly, the common flow path through the manifold has been increased almost 700% providing unrestricted flow for quicker response times.
This do-it-yourself building block manifold is widely used in the emission analyzer and gas processing fields. The new style modules are 90% machined and drilled from bar stock. Each module can be in a center or end position in the manifold. Acommon, pre-drilled port connects all modules in the stack: the finish drilling of each valve module determines the flow pattern through the manifold. It is now possible to mix and match these valve bodies with only minor drilling operations to meet an individual user’s application requirements.