3-Way and 2-Way Solenoid Valves For Quiet (No-Click) Operation

Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc. has recently developed solenoid valves for use in medical applications such as hospital beds, breathing apparatus, and inflatable mattresses for burn patients in which a bumper is installed for quiet operation.

Typical Peter Paul Electronics 3-way and 2-way solenoid valves for use in medical applications such as hospital beds, breathing apparatus, and quiet, no-click operation (shown on cutaway).

In normal industrial applications, the click of a solenoid valve is not an issue, but in the quiet of a hospital environment it can be nerve wracking to hear constant clicking as the valve is actuated. Several new plunger and bumper designs used in the 3-way function have a top seal but eliminate the metal-to-metal contact.

One way to "eliminate the click" is to put in a rigid top seal that's non-compensating and doesn't move. The top seal contacts the end stop, but no metal contact is made. It requires a unique plunger and uses a special end stop to accommodate it. Many times the pressure ratings are reduced just a bit due to the increased air gap in the valve, affecting magnetic performance. Usually these applications are low-pressure air or vacuum, therefore the reduced rating of the valve is generally not an issue.

Rectified coils are also often specified in medical equipment, either full bridge or half bridge, to eliminate the potential for noise. A valve, which might potentially cause a hum or buzz can be very annoying to a patient, so a full wave rectified unit for AC service is often preferred. A DC unit, not requiring a rectifier, is sometimes used in specific applications.

Also common is a bumper in a 2-way valve, usually just a flat disk with no sealing action. Bumpers may be urethane or filled Teflon or special low cold-flow Teflon, which doesn't become deformed like virgin Teflon. Occasionally, a bumper is included in a valve for a non-medical application where long life is critical. With a bit more cost, a Teflon-coated plunger combined with a bumper will provide very long, quiet valve life under many operating conditions.

The 50-year-old Peter Paul Electronics Co., through a worldwide distributor network, provides a broad range of standard and miniature solenoid valves; Explosion-Proof, High-Flow, and High Pressure models; complimentary manifolds and stacking valves in stainless, brass, or aluminum; solenoid valve operators for OEM use; and a vast array of body, housing, and coil options for standard and special applications. Most Peter Paul solenoid valves are UL recognized and CSA listed.

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