Cryogenic Valves For Low Temperature Applications

Our solenoid valves, those precision electro-mechanical “switches” required to perform millions of unattended cycles in applications ranging from coffee vending machines to metal cutting machine tools, are also widely employed at low temperatures to about –40°C involving gaseous and liquid refrigerants and liquid nitrogen.

We can provide a wide variety of cryogenic valves and manifolds, if required, for low temperature operation involving refrigerants or liquid nitrogen.

For these uses, the full range of our 2 and 3 Way cryogenic valves can be specified with Teflon® or KEL-F seals required for processing semi-corrosives. Typically all cryogenic valve parts must be oxygen cleaned to remove oils and other surface contaminants. In many such applications, a compressed liquid is metered by the valve. Many of these cryogenic valves will be UL recognized and CSA listed.