New Dimensions In Solenoid Valves #1...High Flow, Low Pressure Valve

Here's a solution to a manufacturer of commercial ranges and cook tops to provide them with a Series 30 Normally Closed valve for LP and natural gas...very low pressures up to 2 psi but with high flows (Cv = .57) compared to size, and economy in a Series 30 valve. This style has larger flow passages for higher flows through the valve. Larger drilled ports also allow higher flows. While our competitors provide Cv's of about .40, they probably use multiple valves on smaller burners with more pressure drop. The seal materials are typically FKM, with brass bodies, yoke, and spade coil, most of the appliance-type. For standard equipment, it had to be basically small and economical. High flow is usually needed for commercial cookers and could be used with any kind of gas-fired heaters. They're also employed for incubators and poultry brooders. And these valves might also be useful for decorative gas-fired lights, infrared heaters, small heaters, patio heaters, and more.

Low pressures, high flows, compact size, larger flow passages...that's what's cooking with commercial cookers.

Our valve is a very high flow, low cost unit with compact size.

The same technology would potentially apply to gravity feed systems such as lubrication, low pressure dispensing of various materials from a low pressure valve requiring a large orifice, but overall small in size. Perhaps we could provide some samples for you.