Don’t Forget Our Dual Voltage Solenoid Valve Coils

For many small AC motor applications including powered hand tools, it has become quite common for the motors to be configured to operate at one of two voltage levels, typically 120/240 VAC-60 Hz or 240/480 VAC-60 Hz.

Dual voltage, four wire coil and completed dual voltage solenoid valve (Series 20, left and Series 50, right) are used when two voltages may be involved in a process, typically 120/240 VAC or 240/480 VAC.

Now, for the Series 20, 50 60 and 80, 2 and 3 Way solenoid valves, we can provide dual voltage coils to allow the solenoid valves to be wired for either of the applicable voltages, reducing parts inventory and product installation / assembly at the distributor, OEM and end user locations.

For specific applications in which more than one voltage might be encountered, the dual voltage solenoid valves are identical to their single – voltage versions except for the additional coil windings and leads.