Manual Override Offered on Peter Paul Solenoid Valves

Manual override, a mechanical device which permits the momentary or locking manual opening of Normally Closed valves or the closing of Normally Open valves, is available as a factory option on many models of the Peter Paul Series 58, 20, and 70 solenoid valves.

There are a number of common processing situations in which it may be necessary to actuate a single solenoid valve in an array of valves without disturbing the electrical sequencing or piping of these valves. The manual override option is built into the bodies of these valves and will not affect their normal operation unless actuated in the case of power failure or similar circumstance. The manual override option adds only marginally to the cost of the valve; other body options include metering, metered bypass, manifold mount, flange mount, and orifice metering.

Manual Override (turn-lock or momentary push button) is a factory option and is available on many Peter Paul solenoid valves including (clockwise from 10) Series 20, grommet housing, multi-purpose; Series 70, conduit housing, 3-Way Normally Open; and Series 58, DIN-type connector, 3-Way Normally Closed.

The 55-year-old Peter Paul Electronics Co., through a worldwide distributor network, provides a broad range of standard and miniature solenoid valves; Explosion-Proof, High-Flow, and High Pressure models; complimentary manifolds and stacking valves in stainless, brass, or aluminum; solenoid valve operators for OEM use; and a vast array of body, housing, and coil options for standard and special applications. Most Peter Paul solenoid valves are UL recognized and CSA listed.

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