Peter Paul Launches Low-power Magnetic Latching Valve

NEW BRITAIN, CT-- Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc., now offers a low-cost, magnetic latching valve for use where power is limited or coil heating is undesirable.

The latching component is external to the valve for adaptation to any Series 20, 30 or Series 80 valve with an internal spring change. The valve can be used in remote areas where continuous power may not be available, or in battery-powered portable equipment. It also has uses in medical and chemical analyzers where continuous application of power causes unwanted coil heat.

The new valve will initially be released in 6, 12, 24, and 28 volts DC, each drawing only 10W when energized. Other voltages will be available upon request with minimum order requirements. The valve consists of a coil/magnet assembly encapsulated into a single package with an integral Form “A” DIN connection. It requires only 50 milliseconds of power application to latch or unlatch.

When latching, the magnetic polarity of both coils and ring magnet form a strong pull on the valve plunger which moves it to the energized position. It is kept there through the strength of the magnet alone. To unlatch, the field of the DC coil voltage is briefly reversed.

Peter Paul Electronics, established in 1947, provides through worldwide distribution a broad range of standard and miniature solenoid valves, explosion proof, high-flow and high pressure models - most UL and CSA listed; complementary manifolds and stacking bodies in stainless, brass or aluminum; solenoid valve operators for OEM use; and a vast array of body, housing and coil options for standard and special applications.

For further information, contact:
Magnetic Latching Valve
Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc.
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