Splice Box Option Allows Field Wiring For Peter Paul Solenoid Valves

An optional, redesigned and streamlined splice box, with multi-connections, has been announced by Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc., New Britain, Connecticut, to allow field wiring directly to any Peter Paul Series 20 (stainless steel) or Series 30 (brass) solenoid valve.

Splice Box option for Peter Paul Series 20 (stainless steel, left) and Series 30 (brass, right) solenoid valves provides space for multiple wiring hookups and an easy access cover for quick and inexpensive field wiring connections directly to the solenoid valve. Splice Boxes shown here with user-provided wire connectors.

Designed to save a conduit run and remote connection box, the more universal splice box allows quick and inexpensive field wiring connections to the valve. Any standard Peter Paul Series 20 or 30 solenoid valve can be mated to the splice box, which is UL listed for use with UL listed valves.

The 50-year-old Peter Paul Electronics Co., through a worldwide distributor network, provides a broad range of standard and miniature solenoid valves; Explosion-Proof, High-Flow, and High Pressure models; complimentary manifolds and stacking valves in stainless, brass, or aluminum; solenoid valve operators for OEM use; and a vast array of body, housing, and coil options for standard and special applications. Most Peter Paul solenoid valves are UL recognized and CSA listed.

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