Unique Solenoid Valve Indicates The Location Of Track Flaws For The Railroad Industry

We have developed a special, 2-Way Normally Closed solenoid valve used by rail flaw inspection services to pinpoint track problem areas for the railroad industry. Designated the Series 30 spray valve, this 12 VDC, 8 watt, 60 PSI valve is part of an ultrasonic or induction detection system used by independent rail testing service organizations for checking each rail, end-to-end, to automatically identify faults, cracks, and railhead (wear) loss. When a flaw is found, the solenoid valve is automatically energized and a yellow, oil-based paint is pressure sprayed through the adjustable valve nozzle, making the defective area for subsequent identification and repair.

The complete Series 30 spray valve used to mark suspect areas of track for subsequent inspection and repair incorporates a unique lower nozzle section which is removable for cleaning of all parts that come in contact with the oil-based paint which is displayed by the valve. The valves are part automated testing system used by independent rail testing services.

Paint flow is straight through the valve from the adapter on top to the nozzle-like bottom of the brass body, which incorporates a 7/64” orifice. The nozzle portion of the valve is removable so that all of the internal parts, including the nozzle, can be cleaned to prevent clogging. In addition to marking track areas for manual inspection and repair, the track riding test vehicles provide their operators with a visual display of track anomalies including cross-sectional views and railhead wear diagrams and retain these data electronically for offline analysis and report generation. The design of the Series 30 spray valve has been tested in several similar applications, with particular emphasis on O-ring and seal compatibility with the material being discharged.