Solenoid Valves Control Alternative Energy's Future

Air, Water or any Media?
Going Green is possible with Peter Paul.

Peter Paul Electronics Co. Inc. designs, supplies and manufactures both components and entire managing systems to reliably control Alternative Energy solutions through any media type such as gas or liquid.

The control system that manages the media can be thought of as the “brain”, for example, it will control the amount of hydrogen gas within a solar-powered generator system. The valve acts as a release to the gas. If space is an issue or a reduction in the number of parts is needed, Peter Paul solves these issues with the utmost quality and experience.

Peter Paul is a proven Alternative Energy supply chain partner with a specialty in the management of gas, liquid or any media. From design to production, managing Alternative Energy system is a core competency at Peter Paul.

A Peter Paul Valve has an elevated status: with longevity, bubble tightness, smooth flow and quality you can trust for over 60 years. QUALITY. We do not just say it; we mean it and practice a higher standard in everything we do.