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CCAT know-how optimizes machining, nets savings for PeterPaul Electronics

Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology

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CCAT know-how optimizes machining, nets savings for PeterPaul Electronics EAST HARTFORD, Conn. — Even with the sophisticated, advanced manufacturing equipment in use today, there’s still room to improve performance. PeterPaul Electronics in New Britain discovered the difference when Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. (CCAT) used advanced technology optimization to improve performance on two milling operations and achieved a 72 percent reduction in cycle time. “We have limited time and resources to conduct optimization studies internally,” commented Stewart Barnhart, director of manufacturing technology at PeterPaul. “CCAT was able to analyze machining of an aluminium part and suggested using new Sandvik tooling and revisions to the machining process. Testing of the new process was first done at CCAT’s Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC) in East Hartford, allowing us to continue production without interruption. After the process was proven at the AMC, we then utilized it on our machine with outstanding success. ” According to Barnhart, this technology optimization resulted in substantial boosts in productivity and manufacturing capacity – without incurring costly downtime or capital investment. He expects to continue to to use this strategy for other machining projects. “We are looking at equipment currently at CCAT so that we can test processes and tooling offline before trying to integrate any new technology at PeterPaul.” The strategy to focus on enhancing operations and increasing productivity through boosting the output of existing manufacturing machines makes sense in today’s uncertain economic climate. “Process optimization is an approach that protects companies from the risks inherent in large capital outlays while making them more immediately competitive in an increasingly high tech global market,” said Bob Torrani, director, manufacturing & supply chain initiative, CCAT. Stated Barnhart, “We have so many different types and sizes of parts, CCAT is an excellent resource for looking at all of our needs. We’re very comfortable now in coming back to CCAT for more optimization work. CCAT has an excellent range of knowledge and technology. Any company would be foolish not to take advantage of it.” CCAT process optimization
CCAT process optimization resulted in significant cycle time reductions in machining aluminum parts for PeterPaul Electronics -- 86 percent for a deep pocket and 34 percent for stepped pockets.


The Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. (CCAT), headquartered in East Hartford, Conn., is a unique economic development organization that combines expertise in cutting-edge manufacturing technology with specialized centers of excellence in education, workforce strategy and alternative energy solutions to help organizations increase efficiencies, improve workforce development and boost competitiveness. CCAT promotes partnerships between industry, academia and government to create a new collaborative framework for tackling 21st century economic challenges.


PeterPaul Electronics, founded in 1947, is a premier manufacturer of solenoid valves including high flow, explosion proof, high pressure, plastic, safety and mini valves. PeterPaul configures possibilities from solenoid valves that operate with power as low as 1/2 watt to pressure as high as 5000 psi. PeterPaul is located in New Britain, Connecticut and Fajardo, Puerto Rico. High quality design, innovative research and product development set PeterPaul apart from other manufacturers. Continuous improvement is in the fabric of the company on all levels with people having years of experience, dedication and pride.