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U.S. Rep. Esty tours Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc., in New Britain

New Britain Herald
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U.S. Rep. Esty tours Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc., in New Britain Tuesday, April 2, 2013 11:00 PM EDT

By SCOTT WHIPPLE STAFF WRITER NEW BRITAIN — Zach Perkins, a CNC operator for Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc., is the kind of young manufacturing worker Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty, if she had the power, would like to replicate. Tuesday, U.S. Rep. Esty, D-5th District, completed her tours to manufacturers in her district with a visit to Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc., on John Downey Drive. A premier manufacturer of solenoid valves used in a diverse array of industries, PeterPaul’s worldwide markets include energy, medical, pharmaceutical, bio-tech, industrial automation, automotive, food, construction, infrastructure and agricultural. The company, founded by the Mangiafico family, employs nearly 150 people in its city headquarters. During a plant tour in which PeterPaul executives showcased the benefits of its lean manufacturing process, Esty chatted with machine operators, including Perkins. He showed her how he takes raw material and turns it into a finished product. “We can do everything in one shot,” he told Esty. “It’s faster and there isn’t a lot of product sitting around.” A sophomore at Central Connecticut State University, Perkins is studying manufacturing and engineering. Esty said on her tour she has been answering questions about sequestration and observing what manufacturers in her district are working on. “I’m very interested in the work-force development challenges we face here in central Connecticut,” Esty said, “especially the partnerships companies are engaged in like PeterPaul with CCSU. Esty praised PeterPaul for “recruiting people like Zach [Perkins], training them and empowering them to look for ways to improve their products and processes. Observing these practices enable me to be more effective in Washington, advancing federal policies that are supportive of companies like PeterPaul.” Two weeks ago, Esty voted for a budget that focuses on critical manufacturing allocations for research and development, energy efficiency, clean energy and advanced manufacturing technologies. In February, Esty began her series of tours by visiting Jonal Laboratories, Inc. in Meriden and Ward Leonard Electric Co, Inc. in Thomaston. U.S. Rep. Esty tours Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc. in New Britain - The New Britain Herald 4/3/2013