Peter Paul Electric — Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Peter Paul Electric, Inc. ( has been manufacturing coils in Fajardo, Puerto Rico since 1972. This facility offers customers Coil Winding, Assembly Operations, Metal Stamping and wide array of Plastics Molding Solutions. Our 35 years experience in the Insert and Bobbin Molding arena have created a Molding Team able to serve a wide array of needs.

We can serve your thermoset and thermoplastic needs. Plastics/Molding services are; Bobbin and High Precision Parts Molding, High Precision Insert Molding. Our years of experience in the Thermoset type materials created the opportunity for us to make our own molding compounds a facet we believe is an advantage. All of this while maintaining excellence in our Thermoplastic opportunities.

Coil Winding

In 1972 there was a shift in Peter Paul strategy and in 1972 the coil winding resources were moved to Fajardo, Puerto Rico. We have a variety of coil winding capacities to serve many different customer needs. We also have the in house people to design the processes and the resources to tool up any of your needs that fit our capacities.

Plastics & Molding

Insert Molding is the backbone of our operations; we have nearly 30 years experience with Thermoset and 12 years experience with Thermoplastic insert molding. Our plant was slightly ahead of its time back in 1972 through a pioneering effort from our founders, advantage of our innovation, knowledge and relationships having worked very close with makers of Thermosets since the 1960's and developing the best compounds for efforts.

The roots of those relationships can be seen right here in our plant through profound knowledge of formulation and compounding capabilities. Inquire about our compounds. On the other hand we have pioneered processes in the Thermoplastic arena as well. Peter Paul Electric, Inc. has been working with these materials for many years including close cooperation with Dupont.


Peter Paul has developed a proprietary epoxy molding system that does not need refrigeration. The system is designed to run very fast molding cycles with excellent shelf stability. Also, this system requires low transfer pressures for optimum fill properties. The material is mineral filled and fiber re-enforced and will meet a UL 94 flammability. Vpoxy exhibits excellent moisture protection and lead adhesion.

Metal Stamping

Over the years we have found that it has been cost effective for us to metal stamp many coil components in house and once again this experience has paved the way to an expertise in metal stamping and die design and construction of which all is done in house. Some of these products include housings, yokes, brackets, washers, plates, terminals, and other more application specific parts. The progression die you see pictured was designed and constructed in house using the latest in tool design practices.