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Series 20 Model MLVH22


When the valve coil is energized, the plunger is drawn towards the sleeve end stop. The plunger is allowed to accelerate freely for a short distance before it makes contact with the shoulder of the sealing pin. Upon contact it imparts considerable force on the pin causing it to lift the seat. A return spring provides the return force, directly on the pin, to seal the orifice when the coil is enlarged with reverse polarity. The valve is for use on air and other non-corrosive gases, water and oil.

  • Kel-F pin sealing element.
  • Orifice guides the sealing pin for perfect alignment.
  • Simple construction...only two moving parts.
  • Through the use of a permanent magnet, the latching valves are bi-stable in either shifted state. This allows the valve to stay in either state indefinitely without drawing power. To shift the valve from one state to another, a short 50 millisecond DC voltage is applied to the coil. To shift the valve back, a reverse polarity pulse is applied to the coil. This feature makes this valve suitable for use in remote areas where continuous power may be limited. It is also valuable in equipment where coll heating. due to a continuous application of power, is undesirable such as in medical and chemical analyzers.


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