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Series MLV20 Model 23 3-Wire

MLV20 Model 23 3-Wire

3-Way Normally Closed 3-Wire Magnet Latching Valve — Exhaust to Atmosphere

This type of valve is often used in remote areas where continuous power may not be available or with battery-powered portable equipment where power capacity is limited. It is also valuable in equipment where coil heating, due to continuous application of power, is undesirable. Air, water and other fluids are compatible with standard Buna seals. Hot water, steam, gasoline, oils, some hydraulic fluids, and many other media require other seal materials.

  1. Common Black wire set to Neutral (-)
    1. Pulse Yellow lead to Positive (+) to latch
    2. Pulse Blue lead to Positive (+) to un-latch
  2. Common Black wire set to Positive (+)
    1. Pulse Yellow lead to Neutral (-) to un-latch
    2. Pulse Blue lead to Neutral (-) to latch


* Consult representative or factory for options and specifications