Press Releases

  • The Peter Paul Series 58 low watt, sub-miniature solenoid valves line has been expanded to provide either manifold mounting or 10/32 ports in several operating configurations... The Peter Paul Series 58 low watt, subminiature solenoid valve line has been expanded to provide either manifold mounting...Read more
  • Peter Paul's new Series 40 valve brings pioneering to its product line: An all-plastic sleeve which requires no welding. This unique design uses the bobbin core as the sleeve, greatly simplifying its manufacture and providing a low cost, high quality, integral sleeve/bobbin injection molded part...Read more
  • Here's a solution to a manufacturer of commercial ranges and cook tops to provide them with a Series 30 Normally Closed valve for LP and natural gas...very low pressures up to 2 psi but with high flows (Cv = .57) compared to size, and economy in a Series 30 valve. This style has larger flow...Read more
  • We have developed a special, 2-Way Normally Closed solenoid valve used by rail flaw inspection services to pinpoint track problem areas for the railroad industry. Designated the Series 30 spray valve, this 12 VDC, 8 watt, 60 PSI valve is part of an ultrasonic or induction detection system used by...Read more
  • It may come as a surprise to learn (it was for us) that about 80% of the product information calls from our distributors involve special, unique, and nonstandard applications, for our solenoid valves. While most Peter Paul distributors can handle typical inquiries for the products in our catalog,...Read more
  • The bodies of all our solenoid valves offer an underside pair of drilled and tapped holes fro easy mounting. But where the mounting surface is very thick or physically inaccessible, a simple top mounting is desirable. Our new universal mounting bracket is shown here attached to (left to right)...Read more
  • Manual override, a mechanical device which permits the momentary or locking manual opening of Normally Closed valves or the closing of Normally Open valves, is available as a factory option on many models of the Peter Paul Series 58, 20, and 70 solenoid valves. There are a number of common...Read more
  • New Britain, CT - Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc., has developed a new option for its Series 40 valve line, using a forged brass body in lieu of the standard all-plastic construction. The revolutionary design of the Series 40 valves employs an all-plastic bobbin core as the sleeve, which...Read more
  • New Britain, CT - Peter Paul introduces its new, expanded catalog containing the company's complete line of solenoid valves, operators, coils and valve options. The new catalog has been expanded from 60 to 110 pages in order to accommodate the substantial growth in offerings. To facilitate this...Read more
  • NEW higher flow, lightweight solenoid valve uses minimum power in nitrous performance automotive applications for OEM’s, nitrous kits, and end-user horsepower boost. Special OEM Options include custom color body and housing, logo roll stamping, color lead wires and special port options. Series 20 2...Read more