Press Releases

  • For applications such as draining condensation in compressed air systems, Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc., New Britain, Connecticut, has added a solid state timer accessory to the Series 80 group of 5/8" iameter orifice, solenoid operated, 2-way, normally closed diaphragm valves. The integrated...Read more
  • For many small AC motor applications including powered hand tools, it has become quite common for the motors to be configured to operate at one of two voltage levels, typically 120/240 VAC-60 Hz or 240/480 VAC-60 Hz. Dual voltage, four wire coil and completed dual voltage solenoid valve (Series 20...Read more
  • A new line of high-heat solenoid valves and valve operators has been developed by Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc., New Britain, Connecticut, to meet growing applications typically involving high temperature fluids. In this heat treat application, a Peter Paul Series 20, 2-way. normally closed,...Read more
  • Series 50 Explosion-Proof solenoid valves with molded coils for hazardous locations are offered with added protection from moisture in the form of new O-ring and flat gasket flurocarbon elastomer seals and an RTV conduit seal.Read more
  • NEW BRITAIN, CT-- Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc., now offers a low-cost, magnetic latching valve for use where power is limited or coil heating is undesirable. The latching component is external to the valve for adaptation to any Series 20, 30 or Series 80 valve with an internal spring change...Read more
  • New Britain, CT — Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc., offers water-resistant solenoid valves featuring a fully encapsulated coil, for applications where exposure to moisture or even complete submersion is necessary. The Series 15 or 50 valves are intended for a wide range of outdoor uses including...Read more
  • Designed to meet today's stringent requirements for chip manufacturing, analysis equipment, and other types of ultra high purity equipment requiring all welded components, Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc., New Britain, Connecticut, has announced a new, completely sealed Series 50 solenoid valve...Read more
  • Additions to the Peter Paul line of molded Series 58 solenoid valves have been announced with the development of two stainless steel bodies. These bodies supplement the existing six models of plastic valves currently used in portable medical devices, analyzers, portable test equipment, and similar...Read more
  • Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc., New Britain, Connecticut, has announced the development of a new series of solenoid valves for use in vacuum chambers for sterilizing medical instruments. These valves feature high flows; bubble-tight sealing; standard vacuum fittings and standard flanges for...Read more
  • Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc., has announced the development of a new Squirt valve, an in-line, two-way Normally Closed Series 50 or 15-solenoid valve with double plunger seal, which does not allow continuous flow, but will shut off, energized or de-energized. This prevents a continuous flow...Read more