Press Releases

  • Another thing we've done is a special elastomer for use with water-based printing links. We think of ink as being almost benign, but sometimes it can be rather aggressive to certain materials, and swelling of the rubber typically causes a big problem in the dispensing valves for ink. Peter Paul has...Read more
  • Our solenoid valves, those precision electro-mechanical “switches” required to perform millions of unattended cycles in applications ranging from coffee vending machines to metal cutting machine tools, are also widely employed at low temperatures to about –40°C involving gaseous and liquid...Read more
  • Kalrez ® Perfluoroelastomer seals, a product of DuPont Dow Elastomers, are impervious to more than 1,600 chemicals and solvents, inert to most chemically induced swelling, useful in temperatures from –20°F to 600°F, and last much longer then other elastomer seals. Unfortunately, at about $2,000 per...Read more
  • Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc. has recently developed solenoid valves for use in medical applications such as hospital beds, breathing apparatus, and inflatable mattresses for burn patients in which a bumper is installed for quiet operation. Typical Peter Paul Electronics 3-way and 2-way solenoid...Read more
  • New Britain – Peter Paul now produces Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) valve seals for high pressure gas applications in place of more absorbent standard rubber seals. EPDM seals can be applied in medical environments, aerospace projects, and similar uses where gas absorption can interfere...Read more
  • Standard, conventional, one-piece machined stainless steel, brass, or aluminum solenoid valve manifolds allow the economical, low profile grouping of valves in compact arrays. Like any other purpose-designed, machined component, these manifold valves are perfect for fixed, continuous operations...Read more
  • A broad range of standard and custom solenoid valve manifolds in brass, aluminum, and stainless steel has been announced by Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc., New Britain, Connecticut. Available for all Peter Paul Series 20, 30, 50, and 70 OEM solenoid valves, manifolds represent an economical,...Read more
  • New, brass, screw-in, Series 20 solenoid valve bodies offering simplified assembly, disassembly, and field replacement are now produced with enlarged ports for higher flow applications. Our large port, screw-in, Series 20 valve bodies for simplified manifold mounting are now offered in brass for...Read more
  • We now produce new, brass, screw-in solenoid valve bodies offering simplified assembly, disassembly, and field replacement. Our new brass, screw-in solenoid valve bodies with 1/8 Our new screw-in valve bodies speed and simplify valve-to-manifold attachments. To help eliminate leakage and provide...Read more
  • The EDRO Corporation, founded in 1946 in Connecticut, introduced a new machine design for the commercial laundry market in 1954. Their combination washer-extractor eliminated the time-consuming step of transferring the water-laden laundry from washer to a separate extractor, while the patented 3D...Read more